Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trailer Review: Insidious 2: Insidiouser

The follow up someone must have asked for. To be fair, while I didn't like Insidious I like that it helped bring back the adult haunted house movie. Nothing will ever be The Haunting again (unless you like the Jan De Bont remake) but it's nice to have an alternative to all the remakes and gory movies out there. While I like the first two thirds of Insidious the final third devolves the worst Cirque du Soleil show ever.

And we're back with that random but haunted family, even though the end of Insidious was all about the husband being possessed or something, he's fine now? In any event, don't think too hard about the ending and enjoy this trailer:

 See? It's all coming back to haunt them. Isn't it scary? Aren't you terrified? I'm a little terrified, mainly because it's an effective if repetitive trailer. The trailer for Insidious 2 packs in all the most effective parts of of the first film but in a new house! See, new architecture, sppppoooooooooooooooooooky right? And the filmmakers renewed their contract with Cirque du Soleil, so that's nice.

Interestingly Insidious 2 is not trying to do anything new. It's a blatant retread of what came before it. It's also easily confusable with the other ghost film coming out this fall called The Conjuring. Even the tagline "it will take what you love most" is pretty much the plot of the first movie. I have a weary respect for any film that challenges you to see it just to see if anything is different from the first film.

I don't have a problem with Insidious Chapter 2, because I loves me some Rose Bryne and a good haunted house movie so I'm glad we're seeing these kinds of films exist in conjunction with indie films, gory films and remakes. You're bound to get a good movie out of them, if only by accident.