Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stacie Ponder's Slashers 101

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of this review I just want to state that I really, really dig Stacie Ponder and her blog Final Girl. It's a terrific blog and Ms Ponder is smart, funny and scarily knowledgeable about all things horror. So when she announced her mini-comic Slashers 101 I was all over that. I will say that I recommend checking out her Final Girl blog before purchasing 25 copies of this, because while I love that sense of humour, others might not. No more disclaimers, on the the show ... er... post!

Slashers 101 is like the best pamphlet/guide book I never got. The health clinic at my university would have been waaaaaay more entertaining with Slashers 101 on its shelves rather than Radon: The Silent Killer. But I digress. Ponder is a seasoned horror blogger so my expectations were high and relentless. This mini-comic had to be all things to me. Mother! Father! Sister! Brother! Friend! Lover (ew)! And as someone who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking, reading and watching horror, Slashers 101 is one of the most refreshing reads you might ever get.

Among many things, Ponder is also a comic book inker and artist. The breadth of her experience is evident in Slashers 101 with clever, simple and clean page layouts. Ponder becomes your guide and narrator through the world of Slashers (with an emphasis on North American slashers from the 70s and 80s) she includes cameos from Columbo, Dr. Loomis and the glass unicorn from Black Christmas among others. While she covers the basic sections such as history of, killers, victims, weapons and the Final Girl you've also got super sweet additions like "SlashFros" and "Dull Killers in Jeans" which keeps it from turning into an illustrated version of Carol Clover's  Men, Women and Chainsaws.

The best thing about this comic is it will appeal to relative newbies and horror fans. It's got all the information any book about horror movies will give but it references things and provides insight only hardcore fans would recognize. Show me another informative horror guide that mentions Curtains (1983) and I'll give you everything in my savings account.

The time, humour, creativity and thought that goes into something like Slashers 101 is a rarity. It's all too easy to become jaded about the supposed lack of creativity in the genre, Slashers 101 actually began to revive my faith in the slasher genre and has given me some new-old films to check out.

If you're reading this, chances are you're in the market for a copy for yourself or a loved one. And I didn't even mention the best part - it's $5!!! Or spend $10 and Ponder will sketch a request from any slasher you like. Oh, and remember how I was humming and hawing over purchasing 25 copies of this, screw that! Purchase as many as you can, support independent artists and wave your freak flag high.

Order your copy here.

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