Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuck In A Moment That You Can't Get Out Of

I've never been skiing or snowboarding. Every few years I'll start think about trying it and inevitably a celebrity dies. So to prevent another rash of celebrity deaths I've stopped thinking about my potential as a Gold Medal skier.

Watching Adam Green's Frozen has now made me think twice about getting on the muthaeffing lift. But I've got mad respect for a blog called Final Girl and the film club there, which Frozen is the latest selection in. When you get on that lift anything could happen. It could stop. You could fall. There could be wolves. You could reveal deep personal truths to someone you previously didn't even like.

Which is what happens to a trio of American Eagle Outfitter models. This movie should not work. The premise is exactly what's in the poster. The actors, though very attractive, are bland. An hour of the movie takes place on a ski lift, there ain't no secondary plot about a lonely ski resort worker. But, y'know what? Writer/Director Adam Green makes it work. I've never seen Hatchet but I've heard a lot about his work. While I wasn't blown away by the script Green manages to create a surprising amount of tension and empathy towards the characters. Green makes sure to milk every opportunity and explore every option of their escape to make it clear how bleak the outlook is.

And in the great tradition of movie metaphors every character becomes frozen in one way another. Some more literally than others.

Movies like Frozen aren't my cup of tea but this one genuinely milks the potential of the situation. Even the emotional parts between the tension filled moments are tolerable. Check it for something that stays inside the box but that still make you cower behind the larger pieces of your furniture.


  1. I wasn't all that crazy about Frozen, but "a trio of American Eagle Outfitter models" was hands down the funniest description of the the three leads I've read on the other Film Club reviews this morning.

  2. Thanks! To be fair, the chick's pink ski jacket kind of gave it away.

  3. Survivor oriented films like this can be tough to watch cause its not a monster or a madman but something that can happen to you. Freezing to death is something we can really imagine.

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