Saturday, February 19, 2011

The More You Know: February Is Women In Horror Month

Yes, yes I realize we're more than half-way through February but it's Women in Horror Month, people!!! It's a month long celebration of female directors, writers, bloggers, actresses, cinematographers, academics and more with a tie to horror movies. I cannot possibly explain the importance of women in horror in one wee blog post, especially when others are doing it a real service, so here are some resources for those that are interested.

The best way to start is with some books which is where I learned my horror theory. After watching movies after movie it's great to be able to put some context to the whole thing. The best one to start with is Carol J Clover's Men, Women and Chainsaws. It's pretty contentious and not for everyone but if you're going to get all uppity about theory and opinions you have to understand them and any book that carefully deconstructs Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is ok by me.

Research! Did you know Pet Sematary was written and directed by a woman? Did you know one of the handful of female writers to win an Oscar for Best Screenplay also wrote a horror movie? Did you know the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar also directed one of the most accalimed horror movies of the 80s? Didja didja didja????? There are many more out there. So get on IMDB and start checking your favourite movies and see where the ladies are at.

I'm going to try and stop beating the dead horse of "everything's a boy's club waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" but there certainly is a pull towards that. Writers like Stacie Ponder of Final Girl and Heidi Martinuzzi founder and writer of Fangirltastic are really challenging and giving hilarious thought and debate to all things horror and women related on their respective websites and their equally awesome weekly podscast The Scarening. There are a TON of other great horror blogs and websites to check out and I just happen to think these ones in particular are the bees knees.

If you've read this far and you're still interested in all things women and horror check the website aptly named Women in Horror Month.

The future is in your hands. Making an impact by adding to the number of people that read my blog is really nice... but doesn't do much to the promotion of women in horror. So start making stuff. Get creative. Yes, this sounds like the end of Dead Poet Society or something. But, for real. Stop talking about wanting to do something and start adding to the conversation.

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