Friday, December 17, 2010

The Original Cast of ER - Where Are They Now... IN HORROR

Horror is filled with drama and amputations and traumas and various illnesses ... as was the medical drama ER. Ok That was a lazy transition. But quite frankly the original cast has an awesome horror movie resume. So let's skip the niceties and get down to business.

D.O.A. .............

Dr. Susan Lewis aka Sherry Stringfield. She has a tiny part as Leah in 2009's The Stepfather. I'm not a fan of remakes of B-Movies that are from the 80s. The 80s was a special time and place where all sorts of crazy things got made. A lot of them still work on a sheer silliness level. But their remake counterparts in the 00s constantly strive to make sense of things that never need to be made sense of.

Her part is so damn small in the film that I can't even find a good still of it. But I feel the above photo is an accurate representation of the 20 minutes I watched of the film before I got bored and wandered away from my tv.

Still on life support is........

The Nurse/ Julianna Margulies!

After leaving Chicago General, or wherever they were to have a lukewarm film career she did a little film called Snakes On A Plane. I'll be honest. I never saw that movie. I don't like things that aim to B-Movie status. A true B-Movie is something that people clearly believed in, otherwise it's just filmmakers seeing what they can get away with which an audience will still pay to see.

See? This picture should really be funnier than it is. But it ain't. Sorry Jules. Better luck next time.

Who's waking from their coma........

Studly McStuderson! Or Dr. Doug. Whenever I hear the name "Doug" I always think of that joke: what do you call a man with a shovel in his head? Then I laugh and laugh.

My problem with Clooney is his douche-y smug face. I can't stand it, let alone watch it on a 40 foot screen. But he was in From Dusk Till Dawn which I finally saw last year and that's about as much as I remember of it. As I've mentioned before, I'm no fan of Robert Rodriguez's work and this is just another example of why I don't like him. It was 90 minutes of Clooney mugging to the camera and Tom Savini turning into a vampire. I loves me some Tom Savini and that's why Clooney is as high as he is on this list.

God. And he has that stupid tattoo on his neck. I never thought someone could make Tarentino look like he was a half-decent actor.

Who's making a steady recovery......

Eriq La Salle. I always liked him. He yelled a lot but that's all he had to do. He's a way better actor than people give him credit for.

In 1990s Jacob's Ladder, La Salle is a friend of crazy Vietnam vet Jacob (Tim Robbins). While it's not a huge part, it's a pretty decent movie. Though my favourite part is that Jacob's girlfriend in the film is named Jezzie or Jezebel. It's as subtle as an Adrian Lyne film... oh, wait.

Patient with the biggest bouquet of flowers delivered to them is............

Anthony Edwards!

I was pretty sad when Dr. Green died. What bums me out less is that he was in Pet Sematary 2!

I've mentioned before how much the first one freaks me out, but this one is hilarious! And made all the more better that Edwards seems to actually be trying to make it good. It's such a weird movie but defintiely required viewing in my books.

And who's Chief of Staff.....

Noah fuckin' Wylie. Believe me I didn't see this one coming either.

He's kind of a snot on ER but he was in a little movie called Donnie Darko which earns him mad cool points in my book. Also I saw him on the street not to long ago and he's way better looking in real life. As Prof. Monnitoff he was the teacher everyone wanted to have to teach them about time travel. If you can't tell, yes, I'm hot for teacher.

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  1. John Carter FTW. You could play a similar game with the cast of CHeers... except there would only be two actors to play with... one would be in House, and the other in House II...

    I like this game.